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Instant-Impressions Surveys


Instant-Impressions is our customer, employers and affiliates satisfaction surveys division!  We can design, build and conduct surveys for up to 500 participants. Instant-Impressions allows you to collect timely, first hand data from your potential buyers which will help with more accurate sales forecasting and allow you to assess your current customers satisfaction. We boast a response rate as high as 40-50% for each survey we have executed.  You have to listen to improve!

In-person Audio, Video and Telephone Shop Demos

Client Management System

Easy for schedulers, editors, shoppers, and clients to use.

Straightforward navigation enables everyone will pick up on it quickly.

Custom home page for each and every user allows everyone to only see the projects they’re working on – without having to go through multiple steps and pages to get there.

As the shopper enters the survey information, it automatically gets spell-checked and saved.

Each client gets a customized registration, rather than a generic one, including a client-specific reporting functionality that allows for comparisons and benchmarking.

Employee-centric scoring also available.

Flexibility to score individual employees on a survey and/or linked them to particular questions or to an entire section of the survey.

Ability to provide clients with the employee-centric scoring and reports.

Enables use of program for employee incentives, training, and performance grading.

The Mystery Shopping Process

In our initial meeting, we’ll familiarize ourselves with your unique sales process, develop program objectives, and identify individuals you would like shopped.

During video shops, our experienced and trained shoppers pose as a customer while well-concealed state-of-the-art audio/video equipment records every beat.

The shopper then sends the recordings to our headquarters, along with any relevant materials – with the written evaluation of their interaction, in. After converting it to your chosen format, we provide a link to the streaming video with your customized shop report/evaluation, along a log of all additional correspondence and an up-to-date schedule of other shops.

Likewise, if you’ve engaged us to perform a telephone shop, we’ll provide a web link of conversations. For email shops, we’ll forward you a copy of the correspondence.

Once you’ve reviewed each team member’s performance, we recommend you review it together with them, providing any needed coaching and guidance. Be sure to emphasize the positive and develop an action plan for improvement.

If you’re anything like our other clients, you’ll witness measurable improvements.

Competitive and Marketing Shops

Want to know what’s going on in the markets you serve?

Knowing what your competition is doing – and how well – provides valuable information that is vital to the success of both your business and your marketing efforts.

Email Performance Shopping

Your employees’ emails represent your company just as much as their handshakes, voicemail greetings, phone conversations, and face-to-face meetings.

Now you can find out – and improve – the impression they’re making with an email shop by Instant-Replays.

Contact us to learn how you can get a more thorough view of your team’s performance by bundling our telephone and email performance shop with a video shop.

Telephone Performance Shopping

All too often, businesses address only the face-to-face sales interaction. But what about the customer who decides not to visit a sales location because of the negative experience they had when calling for information? Our telephone performance shopping can produce the same positive results as the audio/video performance shop. Your sales and customer service staff will learn a tremendous amount by listening to and focusing on their phone techniques and procedures – and so will you.

In-Person Shops Audio - Video - Written

Be “a fly on the wall” by observing everything your employees say and do – from the moment our trained, experienced shopper arrives till the moment they leave. When you pick either the audio-only or video shop, our shopper will be wearing well-concealed state-of-the-art equipment while offering your staff members every opportunity to provide professional and courteous service.


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